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wall mural trending styles

Here at Mobius home, we adore using different interior design trends in our jobs, especially when we get to share them with you guys! This week we have decided to pick Wall Murals as the topic. Wall murals are incredibly trendy at the moment especially with businesses being able to put whatever they want on their walls to help display the business.

Firstly, an amazing floral design that really stands out beautifully in contrast with the bed. The natural lighting from the left-hand side windows creates the perfect bright vibrant environment that was clearly trying to be achieved here and ultimately, the wall mural is a brilliant final touch.

Next is a more of an artistic approach yet still looks just as outstanding, contrasting with the brown of the floor, it really gives of a wintery vibe as the mural itself is black and white. Another key aspect here that adds to its mysteriousness is the classical patterns on the roof which has been recently painted with colours matching the mural.

This wall mural may lack colour compared to the other two examples, however due to the natural lighting and grey furniture, it goes together beautifully bringing the whole room together rather nicely. The use of wooden furniture and lighting adds to the grey and white; it’s a really nice combination. Even though the mural appears to be quite minimalistic, it contributes perfectly as most of the furniture seems to follow the same style.

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