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top tips for creating a cinema room with mobius

Here at Mobius Home, we provide a range of services, including home cinema installations. We have an array of experience and talent within our workforce in this area which is both professional and reliable. We want to share some top tips to help you to create the perfect cinema room with Mobius.

Firstly, you need to pick the perfect room based on size, location, and comfort. The size of this room shouldn’t be too big because it’s harder to retain the sound in an expansive room and sound in a large room can cause an echo-effect. You also have to think about the cosy-factor.

Next you should look to control the ambient sound and lighting of the room to make it a realistic cinema experience. This can be facilitated through voice control such as Alexa or Siri, or by the flick of a switch. You can help block-out excess noise and keep the loud movie sound in by installing soundproof pads which are incredibly good at absorbing sound. These little changes go a long way and can make it feel like the ultimate experience.

The final step is to make the room look like a cinema, whether it’s with comfy leather seating or drink and popcorn holders; you’ll need to get creative and think of elements which will suit the room. Making the space as dark as possible is another key point whether its black painted walls and ceiling or black furniture - it all makes a difference.

For your own home cinema room enquiries, be sure to contact us via email; hello@mobiushome.co.uk

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